Modern Carriage Doors? These Historic Recreations Have Many Benefits

November 16, 2022

Carriage doors have been around for over a century. These historic doors are elegant, unique, and bring back memories of traditional architectural styles from early American homes. For generations, homeowners have tried to preserve these historic doors, but many have faded and needed to be replaced. At first, modern garage doors looked nothing like the historic carriage doors of old, but this time has passed. Historic recreations of carriage doors are back and better than ever, and it’s all because of modern features that make them ideal for modern homeowners.  

How have carriage doors moved into the future without losing their historic appeal? These modern wooden garage doors have a few key benefits over the doors from centuries ago. 

They Incorporate Modern Technology

Traditional carriage doors opened in one of three ways: by swinging, sliding, or folding. Each one of these methods required homeowners to get out of their car and manually open the door. While these manual styles of opening gave the garage doors a unique appeal—each way of opening changed the design of the door—these designs haven’t been lost in modern carriage style garage doors. 

Each carriage door opens automatically like a standard overhead door, but they maintain the unique look of swing, slide, and fold-open doors. At CAMBEK, we design and build modern carriage doors in these styles, offering four different designs that can be completely customized to fit any home. Our carriage door options include Swing, Slide, Tri-Fold, and Quad-Fold options. 

They are Made with Better Materials

While both traditional and modern carriage doors are made with wood, the quality of the materials over time has increased. Wood is harvested and treated to make it resistant to rot, mold, mildew, and insects. Many other materials are added to modern carriage doors: 

  • Foam: for better insulation 
  • Impact-rated glass: to withstand breaking 
  • Powered-coated metal components: to resist rust and moisture damage 

They are Designed Better

At CAMBEK, our carriage doors are all hand-crafted using time-honored woodworking techniques, but these techniques have improved over time. This has allowed us to build doors that last longer and feature more customization options. Our doors are built to withstand harsh weather, high winds, humidity and moisture, and everything else nature can throw at them.  

See how our doors are designed with the latest technology and techniques by reading our inspiration guide. 

Fully Customizable, Made for Each Home

We offer fully customizable wooden garage doors. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, or an architect, we work with you to create historic carriage doors for modern and traditional homes. We help with everything from design to construction and delivery, and we make the process easy for every customer.  


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