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The Complete Guide to Walk-Through Garage Doors

February 5, 2020

Why have one garage entrance when you can have two? And we don’t mean multiple custom garage doors. We’re talking about walk-through garage doors: smaller entrances that make it easy for people and pets to come and go as they please.

With a walk-through door, there’s no need to open the main overhead or carriage door to come and go, no need to let in all that cold or warm air, and no need to hear the distinct hum of a ¾ horsepower motor pulling or pushing your garage door along its tracks. All a homeowner has to do is reach out, open a small and convenient door, and be on their way.

But we don’t have to go on about the benefits of having a walk-through garage door. The evidence is clear, and these types of doors are popping up all over the nation. What we are concerned with are your options. Whether you’re a designer or a homeowner looking to build a door, these are a few of the custom walk-through door options you can choose between.

Complementary Walk-Through Doors

complementary walk through garage doors

Complementary walk-through doors are for those who wish to add a second door to their garage space without having to obstruct or take up space on their primary carriage or overhead door. These types of doors are desired because of the extra architectural detail they add to a home. Custom entry doors can be created that perfectly match the primary door, adding a nice cohesive look across garage entrances.

The benefits of adding a complementary walk-through door:

  • Added architectural detail
  • No obstruction of primary door
  • Allows primary garage door to maintain a seamless look

The main downside to adding a complementary garage door is that space within the garage must be taken up in order to accommodate an additional entrance. If space within the garage is limited, or the homeowner doesn’t want to lose the storage space, a complementary walk-through door isn’t the right fit.

Integrated Walk-Through Doors

integrated walk-through door

Integrated walk-through doors are a patented CambekTM process! These types of doors are built right into the frame as the primary garage door, creating a unique look. The walk-through door also operates separately from the main because it is housed within its own frame, meaning the overhead door can be opened independently from the integrated walk-through door.

The benefits of having an integrated walkthrough door:

  • Does not require additional space within the garage
  • The main garage door can be opened independently from the walk-through door

The only downside to having an integrated walk-through door is that, since it is built into the frame of the main garage door, it will reduce the size of the primary opening.

Wicket Doors

walk through garage door



Wicket doors are similar to integrated walk-through doors because they technically exist within the same frame as the primary garage door. The main difference is that they are also built directly into the garage door itself, creating a completely unique looking service door on the home. This door within a door model functions separately from the main door, but will open with the main garage door when it is raised or lowered.

The main benefits of wicket doors, in addition to those of integrated walk-through doors, is that they will not reduce the opening space of the main garage door. Their primary drawback is that they will move along with the primary door when it is opened and closed, rendering them useless when the garage is open.


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