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The ROI Value of Upscaling Your Garage Door

July 10, 2019

Whether you are looking to sell your home in next year, live in it forever, or you are somewhere between those two options, the best renovation you can get, when it comes to return value, is a brand new custom garage door. Why is replacing your new garage door such a good investment for your home? The answer is a mix between cold hard facts and simple aesthetics. Both the curb appeal and value of your home are important to you, and both should be taken into account when deciding on what to upgrade.

The #1 Investment for Your Home

Year after year, for as long as one can remember, garage door replacement has been the best ROI value for homeowners, according to the annual Cost vs. Value report. The only thing that comes close to it in value is manufactured stone veneer, everything else is distanced in terms of cost, resale value and costs recouped.

Why is garage door replacement such a good value for homeowners? There are several reasons:

Better Materials, Better Curb Appeal

One of the first things a person will notice when looking at your house is the garage door. It’s often the centerpiece of a person’s home, and the higher grade materials you use, the better it will look. Nothing beats the warm, inviting and natural look of a an old-fashioned wooden carriage door. At the same time, wood can also be used to create a sleek, modern garage door that fits the design scheme of an updated 21st century home.

While your siding, windows and roofing are also among the first things people will notice when they see your home, a garage door still remains the best investment to make in terms of cost and perceived resale value.

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Better Features, More Uses

Garage doors generally serve one utilitarian purpose: they open and they close, but investing in a custom garage door allows you to add more useful features, upping the ROI you get from your door both in terms of overall value and its usefulness to you. Custom features like walk-through, wicket and integrated doors allow you to get more use out of your garage door whether the overhead or carriage portion is open or closed. Custom garage doors can also be designed to withstand harsh weather and hurricanes. Hurricane-rated garage doors help protect the interior of your garage and your garage door investment against severe weather all year round.

Better Garage Doors, Better Living

Investing in an upgraded and custom garage door is one of the best choices you can make for your home. It will increase its value, enhance its beauty and allow you to utilize your garage more, all for a simple addition that takes very little time to install. Learn more about how you can start designing a door. Contact Cambek today.

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