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How Shape Plays a Role in Garage Door Design

July 20, 2020

Any architect will tell you about the importance of shape in a building. From structural integrity to design aesthetic, shape is an important factor that must be heavily considered when designing a structure. 

The same can be said about custom garage doors. 

Shape in Garage Door Design

While the shape a garage door doesn’t really impact its structural integrity, it does have a large impact on its functionality and (especially) its design aesthetic. Whether you are choosing a carriage door or a traditional overhead door, there are many ways the door can be customized by making simple or substantial changes to its shape. 

What do we mean by shape in garage doors? It’s all about the minute details. Most garage doors will either be rectangular or square, but that doesn’t mean other shapes can’t be incorporated into the design of the door via certain design choices. 

Custom Windows

Windows are a great way to play with shape in your garage door’s design, and when you are designing and building a door from scratch, you have plenty of window options to play around with. How should you decide on the shape of the windows on your garage door? A good strategy is to have them mirror the windows already present on your home. If you have a certain style or shape of window, have your garage door reflect that. 

Garage Door Panels

When thinking about the garage door panels, you have a lot of flexibility with customization. Garage door panels can incorporate shapes into them in many ways, including: 

  • Custom inlays: inlays offer great options to create different shapes that are built right into the panel of the door. These embossed patterns can be shaped and placed anywhere on the door. 
  • Custom recessed panels: recessed panels are a popular choice among homeowners and can be shaped in a variety of ways 

Hinges and Handles

Even the smallest of details can add different shapes to a garage door style. Working in a variety of decorative handles, hinges, clavos and other small details can fundamentally change the way a garage door looks. These small shapes, when added to a garage door, create small but perceptible variances in shape that can add a lot of interest to an otherwise simple garage door design. 


Looking to incorporate a lot of shapes into your garage door? Have a complex design that requires expert craftsmanship? Let our experienced craftsmen build it for you. Contact CAMBEK today!

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