How The Right Entry Door Design Can Brighten Up Your Home (Inside and Out)

November 14, 2023

Every exterior element of your home is important, but few garner more attention and curb appeal than your entry door. You want your guests to have a warm and inviting feeling the moment they walk up the driveway to your front door. What’s the first thing they’ll notice? If you have a custom entry door, which adds a distinctive style and appeal to any home, you’ll know exactly where their eyes will be drawn. 

While your entrance also be updated in various other ways, including brick facades, new exterior lighting, etc., few things garner more attention and awe than brand new custom entry door. How can you design a door that commands attention and creates a true wow factor? Here are some ways to brighten up the front of your home. 

Installing the Right Entry Door Lites

Entry door lights are a fantastic way to invite in natural light and brighten up your home. There are two major options when it comes to entry door windows: side lites and transom lites. Side lites are translucent glass side inserts that you can use with both glass and solid panel doors. They come in different options that include full lite, 3/4 lite, 1/2 lite, and 1/4 lite. 

When pairing your entry door with sidelights, choose the right configuration for your entryway. For example, you might have a single door that features a left or right side lite, or, you can choose to add double side lites that bookcase each side of the door. 

Transom lites are windows that are placed on the top of the entry door. Adding a transom lite can make your entry door look grander and more impressive. This architectural feature also adds height and elegance to the entrance. 

Combining side lites and a transom lite can create a balanced and visually appealing design. Consider various shapes and patterns to add architectural interest, such as arched or decorative glass, and always make sure that their design complements the architectural style of your home. Whether it’s modern, traditional, or transitional, the elements should harmonize with the overall aesthetic. 

Add Custom Hardware to Your Entry Door

Customizing hardware makes your home feel more luxurious. It feels as if it was specially made with you and your home in mind. The type of hardware you choose for your knockers or handles depends on the exterior design of your home and the entry door itself. If you have metal accents in a polished silver color, you’ll want the same on your front door. If your home is filled with wrought iron, double-down on that aesthetic by using those materials on your entry door. 

You might even choose an accent color such as black, bronze, or gold. Other options include finishes such as antique, glossy, or matte. Your hardware should complement the exterior design. You wouldn’t want it to clash. 

Some hardware you can add to your entry door includes: 

  • Door knockers 
  • Handles, pulls, and knobs 
  • Mail slots 
  • Viewing holes  
  • Kickplates 
  • Deadbolts and locks 

Choose the Right Entry Door Color

The right color can make all the difference with your entry door. These days, you can choose from a wide range of colors and finish options. Make sure the color you choose matches or complements the front doors, garage doors, and window frames. For example, if you chose blue window frames, your front doors and garage doors should reflect that color and shade. 

For more information on whether to paint or stain your entry door, see our quick color guide to finishing garage and entry doors here. 

Materials Make it Right

Just like with color, the right materials can make all the difference in brightening your home. Some materials have more textures than others. Smooth materials like steel and vinyl can give your home a modern and sleek look, while textured surfaces like wood fiber offer a rustic or farmhouse vibe. Wood is the preferable choice because of its natural beauty, warmth, and luster. 

From there, you can decide whether you want single or double doors. The doors can also come in countless style options, such as translucent glass, frosted glass, or stained glass. Stained glass offers more privacy, while translucent glass invites the sun into your home. 

Update Exterior Lights

Don’t forget to fix the exterior lighting! This includes the lighting above your entryway. You should update all the lights inside and outside your front doors. This is a quick way to brighten up your home and will go great with your new wooden entry door design. 


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