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The Importance of Wood Garage Doors in Home Insulation

December 1, 2020

Since garage openings provide the largest opening to a home, they can also be an area of extreme energy loss. This may lead to hot and humid interior spaces during summer, and drafty rooms during winter, leading to a lot of money being wasted on heating and cooling. 

If a house is in a region that experiences extreme temperatures, having well-insulated custom garage doors becomes even more important because it can help alleviate insulation and home temperature issues. Garage doors with good insulation, particularly wood doors with a good R-value, offer a wide range of benefits in addition to increasing a home’s energy efficiency. 

Wood Garage Doors are Energy Efficient

This is perhaps the most significant benefit of wood garage doorsThese doors provide a good amount of insulation that ensures a home stays energyefficient and eco-friendly. Installing wood garage doors with a good R-value minimizes heat transfer through the door and into the garage space.  

If a garage is attached to the rest of the house, it will be difficult for the HVAC system to cool or warm the interior spaces. The result will be a higher carbon footprint since the HVAC system is overworking to achieve the desired temperature. 

Wood Garage Doors are Durable

Another significant benefit of installing custom wood garage doors is enhanced durability, which allows them to last longer. Wood garage doors feature a unique construction style that makes them lightweight, energy-efficient, and less prone to dents. Garage doors made of thin steel wrapped over panel frames are more prone to dents and can have short lives, especially in areas with extreme weather. Learn more about hurricane-rated garage doors and why they are best for homes in these types of areas. 

A naturally insulated wood door is also resistant to rust, which is common in many non-insulated metal garage doors with single layers. Wood garage doors are designed to serve homeowners for many years, resisting destructive elements such as wind, heat, and cold that can shorten the lifespan of weaker doors. 

Less Noise

If the garage is attached to the rest of the house, it’s best to consider installing an insulated garage door to ensure quieter operation. The natural insulation of wood offers effective noise buffering. In some non-insulated metal doors, the panels vibrate as the door opens and closes, creating a lot of noise. Insulated custom garage doors are more tightly constructed to ensure that they make the minimum amount of noise. 

Trust CAMBEK to Design and Deliver

At CAMBEK, we work with high-quality wood to custom create every garage door we make. They provide natural insulation, noise reduction, and durability that many other garage doors lack. Contact our team today to learn more about the custom doors we create. 

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