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Two Home Renovations that Actually Increase the Value of Your Home

October 28, 2018

There’s a long list of home renovations that are said to increase the value of a home. While designers and architects often face the challenge of convincing homeowners to make these renovations – touting the increased curb appeal and resale value – many are not truly worth the investment. When considering the cost of design, materials and installation, recouping the value of most home renovations can be hard to justify, and can be a hard sell, too, because while they may appeal to buyers, some renovations actually do not significantly increase the value for sellers – with two exceptions.

Two Home Renovations that Are Worth the Investment

Not only are new garage doors and entry doors well worth the investment; they are also almost guaranteed to recoup most of the costs of having them done. This makes them a far easier sell for builders and renovation experts.

According to the 31st annual Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine, new garage doors and new entry doors are the two top renovations for homeowners to make, in terms of investment, investment dollars recouped, and increase of home appeal and value. The annual study analyzes remodeling projects across 149 markets nationwide, aggregates the costs they incur, and compares them to the value that various projects ad to a home when it is sold.

New Garage and Entry Doors Lead the Way

According to the report, garage door replacement allows for a whopping 98.3% of costs to be recouped when compared to the job cost and resale value, ranking number one on the list as the best project in terms of home renovation resale value. Even higher-end, upscale garage door replacement was found to be a solid investment in more than 40 of the markets studied. Ranked almost as high on the list – at number three – is entry door replacement, with 91.35 of costs recouped. These two renovations far outweigh the percentage of costs recouped from other types of home renovations, such as patios, kitchen remodels, and even siding and roofing replacement.

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Add Even More Curb Appeal with Quality and Customization

Studies show that when it comes to selling a home, first impressions matter. Buyers often decide within the first few minutes of pulling up to a house whether or not they will be interested in purchasing it. Curb appeal is a massive influencer in buying decision. This is why garage and entry doors make a substantial difference in the marketability and sale value of a home.

Designers, builders, and architects should emphasize the benefits of replacing garage and entry doors, whether the client is preparing to sell, or simply looking to upgrade their current home. To learn more about custom garage and entry doors crafted by Cambek, get in touch with our team today.

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