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June 22, 2021

Understanding Garage Door Wind Loads and Ratings

Garage doors placed on homes in coastal and other storm–prone areas should be rated to withstand high wind… Read More

June 6, 2021

Designing Garage Doors for Homes in Hot Climates

When designing garage doors for homes in the South, Southwest, and other hot and arid climates, special considerations must be… Read More

May 26, 2021

Increasing Natural Light in a Garage Space

Natural light is a big plus for any home. It helps cut electricity bills, makes for a more… Read More

May 12, 2021

Important Design Concepts for Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage doors are an elegant, timely addition to newer homes whose architectural styles can vary widely in their design. Since the design of… Read More

April 22, 2021

Why Wood Garage Doors are More Eco-friendly Options

Sustainable and “green” architecture is on the rise across the country. Many homeowners are looking to make their… Read More

April 13, 2021

The Complete Guide to Custom Garage Door Windows

Garage door windows add a lot to the structure, space, and door in which they are placed. Luckily, building… Read More

March 4, 2021
organized garage

Simple Garage Organization Tips for a Clean Space

The garage is not always the tidiest space in a home. In fact, it’s generally one of the least organized and… Read More

March 1, 2021

Important Design Concepts for Traditional Garage Doors

One of the most incredible things about residential architects is the sheer number of historic homes that still stand. When you… Read More

February 17, 2021

How to Properly Insulate a Garage Space

The single largest opening on any home is the garage door, and it’s a significant source of energy… Read More

February 10, 2021
Cambek designer front doors and garage doors

Regarding Shape: How to Design Cohesive Garage and Entry Doors

People talk a lot about curb appeal, but what is it that makes a house appealing? Many things—windows,… Read More